September 17, 2019

Casio Releases New Pro Trek Timepiece

Casio America Inc has released its Camouflage timepiece, PRG550B-5, which is perfect for adventures and outdoor activity lovers. The new Pro Trek PRG550B has enhanced capabilities and features.

It features a barometer/ altimeter, digital compass, and thermometer that accurately monitors nature’s elements and is best suited for high energy doings; be it kayaking, maintaining, or hiking a trail, this new timepiece is the ideal tool for adventure lovers.

The new PRG550B-5 is a combination of digital and analog, with the second hand acting as needle, allowing the wearer to read the digital reading and they can also refer to the compass needle for direction.

The CEO and Chairman of Casio, Shigenori Itoh expressed his happiness of launching the newest model and said that it’s a watch for the holidays. It is the perfect gift for outdoorsmen and adventure-seekers. Like previous models, it works with the company’s Tough Solar Power technology and its battery life is around 6months.

Designed with a synthetic cloth and leather, it is a perfect watch for men who like to play around with outdoor surroundings. It will be available in the stores from November at a price of $350.

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